The Fortnite Device event (AKA the Doomsday event that will lead us out of Season 2 and into Fortnite Season 3) is almost here, but Epic is giving us one last snazzy new look. The Cyclo skin is now available in the item shop, but will be gone soon. Here’s a look.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that Marvel scored another crossover deal with Fortnite. That skin looks mighty similar to the classic Spider-Man villain Mysterio, with the fishbowl mask and stuntman suit. Add a few bursts of electricity floating around its body and maybe it could even be a wonky Electro skin.

But it actually looks like the Cyclo skin was actually shown off weeks ago, when Fortnite data miners discovered a new loading screen. The image shows Midas looking wistfully at the same suit propped up in a glass case, the reflection of a woman (whose photo is on Midas’ desk) appearing in the glass.

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(Image credit: Epic Games)

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