The most renowned fighting royale game is famous for the number of scandals involving the game. Legal proceedings, fraud, and a myriad of other unpleasant events occurred during the game’s existence.

We discussed the Fortnite aimbot and cheats online can do to multiplayer games. Fortnite isn’t the only one in this regard, and you could encounter a player who is cheating every other game.


Zaccubus is on this list, even when his ban was just indefinite, and was because of an offense that is fairly frequent in Fortnite. Zaccubus was seen “teaming up with a fellow player, but he chose not to shoot the other player as they met during the Solos match.

FaZe Jarvis

Many Fortnite gamers will recall this particular incident. In the past few days we spoke about the whereabouts of Jarvis was ever since his Fortnite ban. The former gamer and streamer was caught on camera using an Aimbot live stream on the Twitch streaming channel.

Landon Gamer

Another instance in which the streamer was not trying to cheat however ended up getting exiled in the end. Landon has more than 3 million viewers on YouTube In 2018 he discovered an online site that provided a variety of customized skins.

FNCS: a cheater wins the event

The most recent scandal took place during the Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) which is a tournament with a prize pool of $2 million that was distributed across various regions.

The Asian region in Asia, in Asia, a Japanese player named Sekosama initially celebrated winning. He was then accused of misconduct. The footage showed that he had illegal deals with an opponent since the suspect mate had purposely left him a large amount of cash.

Two Cheaters Played In The Final Of The Fortnite World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup, fans were dissatisfied with Damon “XXiF” C and Ronald “Ronaldo” participation in the tournament.

XXiF and Ronaldo cheating on qualifying for Ronaldo and XXiF cheated on qualifying to the World Cup – some other players aided cheaters, allowing them to murder each other in the act of killing them. Epic Games took away the slot from Damon and banned all those associated during the period of two weeks. One month later, XXiF was chosen to play in World Cup. World Cup. Some cheater Use web site scripted server or tool. cheater use a hosting server like My Paste Text . This Type of website is private cheating.