The coronavirus pandemic has affected the games industry in all sorts of ways, but for Final Fantasy 14 fans it meant waiting an extra two months for the release of its next update. Patch 5.3, Reflections in Crystal, was originally supposed to launch earlier this spring, but due to local quarantines in Japan, developers at Square Enix were required to transition to working from home. Reflections in Crystal is now arriving on August 11. During an interview with game director and producer Naoki Yoshida last week, he explained that, given FF14’s rigorous update timeline, this resulted in a pretty big delay. But the good news is further delays in the next update are unlikely.

“When we compare our output or productivity to before the pandemic hit versus where we are now, I think we’re about to achieve about 90 to 95 percent efficiency with our current setup,” Yoshida explained to me. “So, in terms of the upcoming patch schedule, we believe that we’re pretty much on track to do that 3.5-month cycle, except for maybe the QA teams where they have to do large scale testing, that might be a little bit affected still with the social distancing guidelines that have been put in place, and efficiency might drop slightly, but even then we’re looking at maybe a plus-one week delay. So we are hopeful that we are back at our regular place and we’re in a good state with that, so in terms of the patch cycle itself, I think there’s not much to be worried about.”

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