Creator of some of the best gaming chairs, Noblechairs, has teamed up with Bethesda to bring you the Fallout Vault-Tec chair, complete with Vault Boy perpetually giving your gaming skills the thumbs up. And if that’s not exciting enough for your rump, there are more game-inspired Bethesda x Noblechairs gaming seats set to launch at a later date, too.

You’ll be able to grab the Fallout gaming chair in the summer, and there’s at the very least a DOOM chair also confirmed for release that same time. Following that, Noblechairs has net the permission from Bethesda to manufacture officially licensed products for The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, RAGE, and Wolfenstein.

None of the chair designs have been finalised so far, but the Fallout concept has been published ahead of time. While still in development, the chair is set to feature a blue and yellow colour scheme to match the infamous overalls, Vault Boy himself on the inside offering the thumbs up, and the phrase “prepare for the future” across the rear.

(Image credit: Noblechairs)

Noblechairs has alluded to the DOOM Edition, too. It will feature the military armour green colour for the base, with the DOOM logo stitched in white across the top and the Slayer Glyph in blood red on the backrest. There’s also the option for your DOOM Slayer Club logo on the rear of the chair.

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