Fallout 76 season one, The Legendary Run, kicked off yesterday, and it’s not started so well. As players are collectively taking on the role of heroic Captain Cosmos against Evil Dr. Zorbo through the medium of boardgame-style season pass progression, many will have encountered one particular ‘Legendary Reward’ that’s turning out to be anything but.

The ‘Ammopoints Ammo Converter’ is the fourth of 100 season pass unlocks until The Legendary Run ends in mid-September, and it doesn’t take many daily and weekly challenges to get the S.C.O.R.E. points—the new currency that progresses each new season pass—needed to get that far. And now that players have done that and added the contraption to their C.A.M.Ps via the ‘Resources’ section of the build menu, many are coming away frustrated.

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