April 25, 2024


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Fall Guys will have a new launcher on PlayStation starting next month

Over two years after release, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is getting a new launcher for PlayStation 4. This comes from the latest blog update for the game, which shares that the change is to help switch over the publisher to Epic after the company purchased the studio in 2021. This move will likely make crossplay easier for when Fall Guys comes to Xbox and Switch in the future as well.

Starting on April 5, players will be able to get the new launcher on the PlayStation Store or in your PlayStation library if you already have purchased the game. Those who have will need to redownload the game. You won’t have to worry about losing any of your previous skins or progress, and by going to the DLC store, you’ll get a free shark costume too until the end of Fall Guys’ current season.

The move comes after Fall Guys switched to the same Epic Games accounts as Fortnite and Rocket League, likely necessitating an entire revamp of the game’s online infrastructure. The old launcher is set to officially retire on May 9, so that still gives plenty of time for players to get the new launcher. And as added clarification, this is all the same case if you are playing the PlayStation 4 version of Fall Guys on the PlayStation 5.