Evil Dead's Ash Williams in Ash Resident Evil Village

This fusion works so well, it’s kind of scary

As breezy as Army of Darkness can be, I don’t always have time for a proper rewatch — but this latest movie-meets-gaming creation from hilarious video editor eli_handle_b․wav sure does the trick. After highlighting their work getting Austin Powers in Mass Effect, it’s only natural that we’d circle back to spotlight Ash Williams in Resident Evil Village.

(Note: if you haven’t gotten to Village yet, there are some boss spoilers in this video.)

After watching the Evil Dead movies far too many times as a kid (and still to this day), and running through Resident Evil Village an equally absurd amount, this video hits right. Pairing Ash’s unhinged outburst with House Beneviento’s freaky family of dolls is just rich.

As with eli_handle_b․wav’s other edits, it’s all about maximizing the memorable lines — finding the right spot to squeeze in each puzzle piece without it all feeling forced.

While some of these YouTube memes lean into a live-action movie or TV character seeming wildly out of place for the sake of humor, I’m starting to picture Ash Williams carving up the entirety of Resident Evil Village, and its out-of-control story still (mostly) makes sense. I can see Ash getting up to a lot of wacky shit, but a castle-storming adventure feels on-brand. He totally would ham it up with Heisenberg, wouldn’t he?

The cheesy goodness of Evil Dead and Resident Evil Village is super compatible. It’s a charcuterie board of horror, and I’d play the hell out of this maniacal mash-up.

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