In mid-2019, Fortnite studio Epic Games acquired Houseparty for an undisclosed sum. No, not House Party—Houseparty, a video chat application for mobile devices and PCs that was launched in early 2016. It doesn’t sound like the most innovative piece of software ever conceived—up to eight users can take part in a single chat session, with notifications sent when friends come online—but it’s experienced a big surge in popularity recently, as people look for new ways to stay in touch while in self-isolation. It’s currently one of the most-downloaded apps on both the App Store and Google Play.

Earlier this month, however, rumors began to surface that Houseparty was somehow being used to “hack” into users’ Netflix, PayPal, and Spotify accounts. According to The Independent, the claims first appeared on Twitter, but have since spread to other platforms. Several of the tweets claiming that Houseparty was hacking into other accounts also said that the only way to avoid the problem is to delete it completely.

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