May 19, 2024


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Elden Ring Continues to Dominate Sales


Elden Ring is the United States’ best selling game of 2022 so far according to market research firm NPD. The launch of the game has been huge, with its release being the second best in the last year behind Call of Duty: Vanguard. From Software’s latest epic is also already the fifth best selling game in the last year, despite it only being out for two weeks.

Elden Ring placed second in sales on Sony’s Playstation consoles behind popular exclusive Horizon: Forbidden West, but it was the most popular game by far on Xbox and Steam, where it currently sits at sixth on the all time peak concurrent players list with a peak concurrent player count of almost one million.

The game has been a massive success, which is somewhat surprising considering its somewhat niche appeal. Known for their immense difficulty and vague storytelling, From Software’s games are certainly not for everyone. From the humble beginnings of Demon’s Souls, which was considered incredibly niche at the time, From Software has continued to improve upon its formula with every game. An entire new genre has sprung up surrounding the developer and its games, with the “souls-like” becoming more and more popular every year. This has all led to where we are now, and the release of Elden Ring.

Whether it was From Software bringing in George R. R. Martin to help establish the lore of Elden Ring, or due to the desire of players to play something less formulaic than the normal open world game, Elden Ring has absolutely exploded with popularity and is quickly becoming a cultural icon. Our review called Elden Ring the “game of a generation,” and it would seem that critics and fans agree.

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