May 20, 2024


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Dstroy 2 – New 0.7.1 playable build available news


New Playable version of Dstroy2 (0.7.1) is here, Mostly filled with Bug corrections and code optimisation for better graphic performances!

ds2 071

Hello, Boodies & Boodettes!

Time for a quicker and smaller update 2 months after our big 0.7 version… This version is mostly correcting bugs, optimizing the game with a better framerate for older or less powerful computers and adding a few elements like a new language in the menu and few minor (but nice) graphical updates.

Dstroy2 0 7 C

Here is a sum-up list of some of the main changes?

  • corrected a crash when taking bonus in classic mode
  • optimizations (in particular in Survival mode)
  • network corrections
  • network client has now sounds
  • few graphical corrections in the menu
  • new option gameplay/shake to remove the shake effect when a bomb explodes
  • new language supported : Hungarian
  • it is now possible to cancel a network connection attempt by pressing ESC
  • corrected camera problems

Dstroy2 0 7 E

Thx a lot to the players that sent us feedback and bugs they found, even if some are not yet corrected (we don’t have all the time the hardware to reproduce them all) we’re trying our best to try to remove them asap <3
So as always, don’t hesitate to reach us and send us any feedback on our Discord server.

We created a Steam page of the game for more visibility too, so don’t hesitate to Wishlist the game there too.



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