July 20, 2024


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Download Games for Nokia 5800

Download Games for Nokia 5800

Nokia has released a select group of download games for Nokia 5800. The themes, games and the applications can be downloaded right onto the 5800 by Nokia. Some of them can even be downloaded onto the Nokia N97.

Fun Apps
There are some very cool music tools included in the applications such as a touch screen guitar and a touch screen piano. The piano will turn your Nokia screen into a cool musical instrument and so will the guitar, and it gives you unlimited possibilities for music creation right on your phone. There are also some really exciting and challenging games such as a classic dice game, a card matching game and a fun bubbles game. You can find the download links and demos on the internet and check these games out for yourself.

About the Games
For the ultimate in touch screen fun, the card matching game can’t be beat. Touch popper is another awesome game if you like to burst bubbles right on your screen, and if you like dice games then motion dice box is loads of fun to play along with friends. The Nokia 5800 resembles a great gaming device and performs like one as well. There are plenty of fun apps and games to play and download.

The train defender is a favorite action game for the 5800. The game’s main focus is to defend the train from a bunch of machine guns. If you like 3D comics, then get ready to have a glimpse into the future with this another game for the 5800 by Carnival. 5800 owners are some of the first to experience 3D action on their mobile phones. You will have to purchase some 3D glasses to get the full game effect. Although the 3D action lacks a little, the idea is certainly cutting edge.

For a fun limited edition game the Nokia 5800 with Amir Diab in Egypt is an excellent game choice for your mobile device. If you have no idea who Amir Diab is, he is a singer turned composer from Egypt. This game is packed with exclusives on the singer and that is a unique and very popular quality of the game. Many of Diab’s fans love the realism of the game on their 5800 device.

As you can see Nokia has went all out to help their customers download games for Nokia 5800.When it comes to making cool apps and exciting games for their version of the smart phone, the Nokia 5800 has outdone itself. Go online today and see what all you can download right onto your phone. You have a wide array of hot choices to choose from.