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Do multiplayer and co-op work in Elden Ring online?


Playing Elden Ring online doesn’t have to be a singleplayer adventure. It’s great as a solo journey, so do multiplayer and co-op work in playing Elden Ring online?

Good news is that you play almost entirely multiplayer, and playing with or against. Other people transform their experience.


The elden ring publishes allow you to do that.

Elden Ring cooperative gameplay is easier to set up than previous Dark Souls elden ring games.

Elden Ring multiplayer works differently than any games not made by FromSoftware. You can’t just open up your Steam friends list and right-click someone’s name to invite them to join your game. There are no lobbies.

You need specific items to play Elden Ring in multiplayer mode. There are some confusing item names to wrap your head around. And it can seem intimidating, at first, that other players can enter your game and kill you. But it’s worth it.


Elden Ring multiplayer works differently than any games
Let me explain all the confusing terminology: Here’s what you need to know for Elden Ring multiplayer, whether you dive into the multiplayer scene or just want to co-op with your friend.


Multiplayer in Elden Ring is set up around the concept of summoning other players into your game world (or joining their game) and taking on the Lands Between together.

You use an item to lay your “summon sign” down on the ground, and that sign will show up for other players.

If they interact with it, they can invite you to their game, where you’ll stay there until one of you dies or you defeat the boss of the area you’re in.

Keep these limitations in mind:

You can’t summon in an area where you’ve defeated the boss.


You can’t summon in an area where you’ve defeated the boss.
In the open world, you can’t take use of your spectral steed while playing co-op.

When you find the entrance to a dungeon for exploring, you can’t load into the new area; you’ll have to end the multiplayer session and start it up again once entering.

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Elden Ring multiplayer makes the game so easy, which is the most obvious reason to play it if you’re a Souls newcomer. But also: it’s just a lot of fun.

Here are some more good benefits of trying multiplayer, even if you typically prefer to play this game solo.

Boss fights are about aggro control. With multiple players, it’s much easier to manipulate a boss’s attention, giving each other time to heal or outright interrupting their attacks. It’s also easier to build up their stagger meter, opening them to a key hit.

Helping other players is a great way for you to level up. By taking your summoning sign or using a summoning pool, you can enter another player’s world and help them defeat a boss. You’ll earn runes for every kill, and if you die, you don’t lose anything, no elden ring cost.

You can learn the bosses before fighting with them in your game. Put your summoning sign down in front of a boss door and you can help other players through the fight with no risk, learning to read the boss’s attacks before you face them yourself.

Other players can do way more damage than Summon Ashes. If you’re really having a fight and your AI summons aren’t cutting it, try a player instead. With luck, you’ll find someone with a greatsword or high-level magic who saves your bacon.

It’s PvP that helps you to rethink your build. There are several weapons, spells and items in the Elden Ring game, most of us will experiment with only a small fraction of them in a playthrough. Playing against other players is a great excuse to try out totally different weapons and stat options more suited for duels than AI mobs.


You can change your online status in Elden Ring at any time via the Network section of the Systems tab in the menu, though you’ll need to restart the game for changes to be applied.

By default, you’ll play it online, but you still have to deliberately choose to take part in multiplayer mode.

Even if you’re not sure about playing in multiplayer, I strongly recommend playing online. This way you get to see messages from other players and their blood splatters, which give you a glimpse of how they died.


This is really helpful information, and it also just generally adds to the flavor of FromSoftware’s games. Even when the messages are silly.

To be clear, in Elden Ring, other players can’t invade you just because of your online status. You’ll only be invaded while you’re actively in a co-op session with another player.

This is part of what makes co-op exciting: you’re much more powerful with a friend in your game, but with some risk.


In the multiplayer menu, you can set a multiplayer password, which will only show summon signs from other players using that same password. Set a unique password with your friends to make it much easier to party up.

FromSoftware made things pretty confusing with multiple password fields. The first field is what you use to make sure you’ll only get matched up with your friends, while a group password is more like a clan system.

Setting up a group password prioritizes online elements from other players using that password, including summon signs, white messages, their phantoms and bloodstains. You can set a group password with your friends, but you can also use one adopted by thousands of other players.

Group passwords offer you with a small bonus: When one of the other players kills a major boss, you get a temporary small buff to the number of runes you get for killing enemies.

To reveal Summon Signs left by other players in the Lands Between, you’ll need to use the item Furlcalling Finger Remedy. This is a crafted item that uses Erdleaf Flowers that can be found on bushes throughout the game.

Once used, you can see any Summon Signs left by other players. To make it, you’ll have to buy the Crafting Kit from Merchant Kale at the Church of Elleh just after the Stranded Graveyard.

If you want to make up your own Summon Sign to take part in another player’s game to help, you can take advantage of the Tarnished Furled Finger item.

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