We said in 2018 that it’d be swell if game developers would ease up on the Cthulhu mythos and put some effort into other kinds of horror, and I think that position still stands. That doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon, though, and once in awhile a game featuring faces with too many tentacles comes along that looks like it might be different enough to be interesting. Stirring Abyss, a strategy-RPG about a submarine that’s run into a spot of trouble at the bottom of the ocean, might be one of them. 

Being developed by a three-person Finnish studio calling itself Sleepy Sentry, Stirring Abyss is based on The Temple, a 1920 short story by HP Lovecraft about a German submarine that comes to grief during the First World War. In the game, it’s the USS Salem that sinks to the bottom of the ocean during the early years of the Cold War, after which it falls to you to take control of the surviving crew, figure out what happened (and what’s going on with these mysterious underwater ruins), and ultimately—hopefully—escape.

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