Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals got underway yesterday, with a new dungeon, activities, gear, and a new exotic grenade launcher called Witherhoard. It is instantly available to all season pass owners and packs quite a punch. Way more punch than I think Bungie intended, in fact: Dedicated players who picked it up and put it to use found that it doesn’t just clobber raid bosses, it absolutely deletes them.

It’s not clear exactly what’s making the glitch happen, but as streamer Fallout Plays noted on Twitter, it’s not a “normal, DPS-type” effect. Other streamers, including Sweatcicle and Cup, have shared their own raid boss insta-kills. You can see it more closely in the video below: Emperor Calus takes a few on the chin, and then out of nowhere, he immediately goes down hard.

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