Cheating is on the rise in Destiny 2: Bungie said in the latest This Week at Bungie update that the incidence of cheating has risen by roughly 50 percent since January, “and significantly more at the highest skill echelons.” Bans and restrictions are way up too, from an average of 656 per week prior to the launch of Season of the Worthy to 2,133 per week in the four weeks following. Even so, Bungie isn’t happy with the current state of things, and so more action is coming.

The bulk of cheating in Destiny 2 happens on PC, according to Destiny engineering director David Aldridge, who said that PC players can take advantage of “memory-poking attacks” to enable things like infinite ammo or energy. It’s an especially tough type of cheating to combat, because it takes advantage of the nature of “Destiny’s unique hosting model.”

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