May 20, 2024


Feel everything

Dauntless hints at work on social updates, the return of seasonal talent trees, and an ‘endless challenge’ mode


It’s never too early to consider what’s coming next in Dauntless, at least as far as the devs at Phoenix Labs are concerned. This brings us back to the game’s ever-changing roadmap, which has seen a few new intriguing cards added to the lineup.

One of the first new cards is related to a vague new mode that promises “endless challenge, endless fun” and a way for players to “beat one level to unlock the next, infinitely” each season. The card notes that this new mode is still very much in the concept phase of development and is “a way off” from seeing the light of day, but it is an interesting idea at least.

What’s somewhat less nebulous are teases for a new Behemoth, the promise of upcoming social feature improvements to make grouping and finding friends easier, and an upcoming seasonal talent tree that will bring a permanent way for characters to grow; it reads similar to the Past and Future talent trees that were added in the Infinite Radiance update, except they will “focus on opening up new kinds of builds and ways to play – not on giving/taking away abilities.”

Meanwhile, the newest patch for the game continues the New Dawn story with more challenges and story quests, some quality-of-life tweaks, a few bug fixes, and a change to how poison from the Sporestruck Charogg works. The notes linked above offer up some more specifics.



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