On April 1, Red Hook Studios announced The Butcher’s Circus, a PvP add-on for Darkest Dungeon, which it immediately clarified was not an April Fool’s gag, despite the date and the fact that Darkest Dungeon is about the last game you’d expect to have PvP. Today it revealed the release date, which is very close (tomorrow), and the price, which is very low—it’s free.

The DLC will add a new location to the Darkest Dungeon hamlet called—you guessed it—The Butcher’s Circus, where teams of four heroes (separate from your campaign heroes, so you won’t be risking your “real” Darkest Dungeon game) square off in combat. Unlike campaign characters, PvP heroes have fixed stats and their equipment cannot be upgraded, but they also have the ability to inflict stress with their skills, which means they’ll cause psychological afflictions as well as physical damage. 

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