June 17, 2024


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Console Review

There may never be a clear winner of the console battle. Although that is probably true I will try to make it easier when trying to decide between the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the PC. I honestly would recommend a different console to different people based on their individual wants. Gaming PCs are on the rise as of late due to their great customizable options available. For very avid and dedicated gamers I would suggest investing in a gaming PC.

For more simple gamers I would suggest sticking to a console as they are easier to setup and use. If you are looking for something to purchase right at this moment I would go with the PlayStation 4 Pro, as it is currently the best version of the PlayStation. The PlayStation 4 Pro is priced at $400. This is a great choice as it already offers 4k and HDR 10 capability, and these technologies are growing quickly. Even with these options the PlayStation 4 does not have as many exclusive games to offer as the Xbox One.

Choosing the PlayStation over other consoles will allow you the ability to take advantage of PlayStation’s virtual reality technology. I personally have only heard good things about their virtual reality technology, and it is the most cost efficient VR tech available. After the release of PlayStation’s virtual reality technology, Xbox released rumors that there consoles will also be able to support a virtual reality headset in the near future. PlayStation is the only current console out that supports virtual reality gaming at this time.

At this time it may be difficult to take full advantage of all of the features that the PlayStation offers. Depending on how well these technologies are taken on by game developers, and if 4k and HDR continue to dominate the PS4 could also be the future as well as the best current form of gaming. PlayStation 4k is mainly aimed at just playing videos games. Xbox One offers a 4k blu-ray player and can support 4k HDR video playback through a receiver, making it a good choice for people who want to be able to play games and watch videos in 4k quality. While you may be trading 4k gaming for more 4k media capability, the Xbox One X can upscale from 1080p and still produce a noticeable visual improvement over the standard Xbox One for gamers with a 4k TV.