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We have partnered with My.Video games to offer you a particular Hero Apparel for Conqueror’s Blade!

Legend tells of an invincible knight who sought treasure and glory, and whose expertise with a blade have been unrivalled. Clad your warlord in the armor of the fabled Runic Knight, swathe your horse in the Get Attire, and prepare your units to confront down the enemy’s legions with the noble Fleur-de-Lys Attire! The pack also contains a 3-working day top quality account and 10 struggle unit XP cards to keep your troopers at their greatest as they heroically fend off invaders!

Conqueror’s Blade is an MMO activity established in a substantial open up medieval environment exactly where you can create your very own army applying various medieval and feudal models, battle for castles and land, have interaction in substantial on the web siege battles, and realize victory as a result of cunning techniques and fight techniques.

Your Code Consists of (Full Price: $32.50):

  • Runic Knight Hero Attire (Hero Set)
  • 3-Day Premium Account (High quality)
  • 10 – Fight Unit XP Card (Booster)

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