May 20, 2024


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Connected update out now (version 1.3.1), patch notes


The next update for Tetris Effect: Connected is ready to go, as Enhance Games recently readied version 1.3.1. It includes new accessibility options for color blindness, a new prompt to help players understand the revive system, and more.

The full patch notes for the Tetris Effect: Connected version 1.3.1 update are as follows:


[ALL] Added options for players with color vision deficiencies – COLOR ASSIST TYPE A, B, and C. These can be found in OPTIONS > GAMEPLAY > TETRIMINO COLORS. These new options add patterns to the MagicMinos in CONNECTED/CONNECTED VS, and to TRADITIONAL Tetriminos to make them easier to identify.

[ALL] Changed the default NEXT QUEUE display to 4 instead of 1.

[ALL] The word TAP is now displayed when reviving in CONNECTED and CONNECTED VS if you fail to TAP 3 times consecutively.

[ALL] Fixed an issue in ZONE BATTLE where, in rare cases, Tetriminos would not appear and the game would not progress during the second match when a player had a poor network connection.

[SWITCH] Removed a system message prompting you to connect to the Internet when launching the game without a network connection.

[ALL] Changed the default cursor position in CONNECTED to your highest-cleared Area.

[ALL] Changed the default cursor position in CONNECTED VS lobbies to BOSS instead of READY.

Other minor adjustments and bug fixes.

KNOWN IN-GAME ISSUES (not a comprehensive list):

[SWITCH] Changing the Nintendo Switch system clock to a future time and posting scores in online multiplayer and then resetting it back could prevent your scores from updating in online multiplayer. Please do not change the system clock when playing online multiplayer.

All players can download the Tetris Effect: Connected version 1.3.1 update on Switch now.


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