As Shadowlands grows closer, I have once again been dragged back into World of Warcraft. I want to get all my ducks in a row before it begins so I can jump in without missing a beat. There have been a lot of big updates since my Demon Hunter and I last visited Azeroth, however, and trying to catch up has chipped away at my spirit. 

I didn’t set myself many big tasks. I want to get up to speed with my faction’s storyline, get my flying license for Kul Tiras and maybe get a very flashy set of armour to show off with. But I’m finding it tough to even get through even this simple list, as I feel like a Night Elf out of time. 

See, I’ve got a lot of story threads to go down, which originally appeared in the game in order, but now following the sequence of quests requires a trip to places like WoWhead. Otherwise, they are impossible to follow, sending me off to finally end massive threats that I’ve never even met yet. 

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Instead of being able to ease back into things, I’ve buckled under the weight of all the stuff being thrown at me all at once—not just the multiple storylines, but mechanics, factions, a huge parade of raids and dungeons. I’m not encountering it as I level up, I’m already 120, and I’m not playing through it at the pace or even in the order it was designed for—but I’m compelled to keep pushing forward.

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