May 8 is VE Day, the day the Allies officially accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany in the Second World War. It was a pretty big deal, and so to give it a nod in a videogame context Gaijin Entertainment is holding a weekend-long open alpha test of Enlisted, the 100-player squad-based FPS built around some of the most famous battles of the war.

This test weekend, appropriately, will be set during the fall of Berlin, with Soviet forces pushing to smash the final German resistance in locations including the Reich Chancellery and the Fuhrerbunker. Players will have access to late-war ground vehicles including the T-34-82, IS-2, Panther G, and Tiger 2 tanks, plus new weapons ranging from Molotov cocktails to Panzerschreck anti-tank launchers. A new Assault game mode, in which the two sides contend for strategic points on the map, has also been added.

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