The Call of Duty: Warzone season 5 patch caused a colossal data spike for one UK ISP on Wednesday. Virgin Media witnessed a traffic spike of 60% over the previous Wednesday, and the company attributes a sizeable chunk of that to CoD’s latest update, which was nearly 48GB on PC.

According to Virgin Media’s record, at peak, the data being downloaded on Wednesday was the equivalent of 52 PS4-sized (33.9GB) Warzone patches every second. All told that’s an additional 22 petabytes of data for the Monday to Friday period—for a single ISP alone.

The last time a surge of any comparable size occurred was the Call of Duty: Warzone mid-season 4 update on June 30. Yep, Call of Duty at it again.

(Image credit: Future)

Call of Duty now comes with a file size of over 200GB on PC. The updates you download along the way are often much larger—the latest PC update was 47.4GB—however, these are squished down once fully downloaded so your overall file size isn’t too large (read: still incredibly large). That’s great for you, the player, not so great for your ISP—but that’s what you pay them for anyways, right?

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