Call of Duty: Warzone puts a real priority on collecting in-game cash. If you’ve got it, you can buy all sorts of items that will give you a leg up on the competition, and if you don’t, well, good luck. One of the best ways to keep the money flowing is by taking on contracts, which are basically side missions that confer rewards for completing tasks. The Scavenger contract, for instance, can be earned by simply busting open three supply boxes in sequence (easy peasy), while Bounties require you to hunt and kill a randomly targeted player—obviously a high-risk, high-reward job.

The latest Warzone update, released yesterday, added a new type of contract called Most Wanted, which is essentially a reverse Bounty: Instead of being sent off to put a random opponent in the ground, you volunteer yourself as tribute for every other team still in play. And why would you do such a dumb thing? Because if you manage to survive for five minutes, all of your fallen teammates will be redeployed. Revives normally cost $4,500 per teammate (in in-game currency, naturally), so that’s a potentially very big reward, especially if your entire squad has been wiped out.

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