There is nothing at all wrong about building a PC around one of Intel’s Comet Lake CPUs, and as far as we’re concerned, the Core i9 10900K is the best CPU gaming, value be damned. Where the quandary lies is with how best to eke out the most bang for your buck. If you factor that into the equation, it is not so cut and dry, and it gets even murkier when the decision comes down to a binned CPU versus taking your chance with what retailers like Amazon and Newegg are selling.

This is highlighted by the fact that Silicon Lottery, a retailer that tests chips and sells them based on their ability to overclock to certain parameters, is selling a Core i5 10600K for the same price as Newegg, and $10 less than Amazon. Specifically, pricing starts at $289.99 at Silicon Lottery, versus the same price at Newegg, and $299.99 at Amazon.

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