On Steam and Bethesda’s own launcher, Doom Eternal launched with Denuvo DRM built-in to discourage piracy. Unfortunately for Bethesda, Doom Eternal had a DRM-free .exe left amongst the files of the version released on its in-house launcher. A poster on Reddit discovered the file sitting in a folder titled “original,” writing “Um guys – I think I “cracked” Doom Eternal? [Serious].”

As cracks go, this one is about as simple as possible. “Open the main game folder and you’ll notice the 369 MB denuvo DOOMEternalx64vk.exe,” BarryGettman wrote on Reddit. “However, under ..Doom Eternaloriginal you’ll find a smaller 67 MB .exe with the same name. Copy this .exe to the main folder and overwrite the denuvo .exe.”

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