Paradise Killer is an ’80s-inspired open-world first-person investigation-adventure with a twist: It takes place on an island that exists outside of humanity, where a rogue human civilization is attempting to resurrect dead alien gods. Also, you play as an “investigation freak” named Lady Love Dies. Okay, so I’m guessing there are probably a lot of twists going on here.

The Steam listing doesn’t do much to clarify that underlying narrative. It seems that the people on the island unleash psychic energy to feed, and eventually resurrect, their fallen deities. But that energy release has the unfortunate side effect of attracting demons, who corrupt the island until the Council gets sick of the runaround and reboots reality. After eons of this nonsense, the system will be perfected in the next reboot, which will bring about Perfect-25—except that just before it’s supposed to happen, the Council is Murdered, Paradise is killed, and Lady Love Dies is recalled from exile to figure it all out.

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