June 17, 2024


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Barge into Octogemex! Meet the New Generation of NFTs Marketplace



Games and humanity have been going toe-to-toe for many millennia. It doesn’t matter how they changed: games of the ancient Egyptians, chess, puzzles, or video games. Play is one of the main features of human nature. Thanks to crypto technologies, we can combine the process of earning and entertainment.

GameFi projects occupied their place in our lives, and the industry is getting stronger. Many sites are ready to offer their services to users. One of them is the newly minted gaming NFT marketplace Octagemex, whose team knows how to interest each player.

What is Octogemex?

Octogamex is a decentralized NFT marketplace developed for GameFi and Metaverse crypto projects. One of the major goals of this NFT trading platform is to create a unique ecosystem for both gamers and crypto enthusiasts, which will allow you to buy, sell, and exchange your NFTs with great convenience. It will also allow you to freely share your achievements and experience with NFT projects to the community. Thus, Octogamex strives to bring together a variety of NFT game collections minted on different platforms in one place with a convenient interface. 

What innovative mechanics can the Octogamex team offer for users, and what is the most important thing that determines this NFT coin market from others? Let’s go through the main features of the new crypto marketplace together.

First of all, it’s worth talking about the NFT Buying and Selling system. At this stage, Octogamex is already successfully outperforming its competitors by allowing users to buy/sell NFTs in cryptocurrency they like. Besides, it’s possible even if the desired NFT collection is originally sold only for its native token. Thus, you can use both blockchain coins and native collectible tokens. This mechanic allows the seller to choose which currency to sell their particular collection. That makes Octogamex the best platform to buy NFTs.

Moreover, available cryptocurrencies can offer in addition to the user’s NFT. It makes the trading proposition even more flexible and user-friendly. A nice bonus is the NFT crypto marketplace Octogamex allows you to offer one or more NFTs in exchange for the desired one. Also, in this crypto NFT market there is a special commission system. There is a flat market fee of 2.5% for NFTs sold via sale or auction. Fee of 0.01 BNB for NFTs sold by trading and a fee of 0.01 BNB + 2.5% of additional currency for exchanging NFTs by selling or trading.

Now, let’s talk about an equally important system for the NFT crypto markets – the auction system. In this case, the Octogamex platform provides an opportunity to buy NFTs at the price they consider to be the fairest. This mechanic helps sellers know how to price NFTs. The last bid determines the winner of the auction.

The important feature is the Chats and Comments Section. Chat is automatically created on the site for each lot. It allows you to directly contact the seller and ask questions regarding additional conditions or trading options.

The Octogamex team is planning new, absolutely head-spinning features. Among them are NFT Bridge, Staking NFT, Launchpad, and many other projects. So there seems to be only one best way to buy NFTs: break into Octogemex now, and be the creator of the new GemeFi era.


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