If you consider yourself a big fan of the massive Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, then SD Gundam Battle Alliance may potentially interest you. Announced during February’s Nintendo Direct, SD Gundam Battle Alliance takes several iconic mechs from the franchise and places them in a game world featuring action RPG combat and detailed, yet chibi-esque visuals. Just recently, Bandai Namco revealed that it slated SD Gundam Battle Alliance for a release on August 25, so Gundam enthusiasts finally have a definitive date to look forward to. Additionally, the publisher unveiled the game’s preorder bonuses that you can earn if you care about that sort of thing.

According to a press release, SD Gundam Battle Alliance boasts “a space-time bending storyline” that recreates several major sequences and battles that fans of the anime series will recognize. The premise sees players repairing a distorted world by dealing with time rifts called “Historical Breaks.” Doing so will bring the timeline of each Gundam series back to its original state, although players will undoubtedly enjoy teaming up with various characters from these timelines before that happens.


How’s the gameplay?

SD Gundam Battle Alliance gives players the option to progress through its various missions either by themselves or with up to three friends. Either way, gameplay largely centers around brisk combat taking place in large-scale battlegrounds, where players can make use of melee strikes, ranged blasts, and charge attacks to stay alive. Along the way, players can obtain blueprints that will allow them to enhance their Mobile Suits in a variety of ways.

In addition to this announcement, Bandai Namco uploaded an extensive five-minute release date trailer that gives players a detailed overview of what they can expect from SD Gundam Battle Alliance. In case you want to learn even more about the game after watching the trailer, you can visit Bandai Namco’s official website here.


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