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Overall – 70%


BALLYGON’s tribute to SEGA’s Super Monkey Ball might border on plagiarism, but it has bought the physics and total action down to a science. Those that don’t mind a package deal lacking an aesthetic attraction will enjoy its roly-poly motion.

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Players will be on a roll with Anthony Seeha’s new marble-roller BALLYGON. Extra than 150 reduced-poly labyrinths await – really should players get going, or must players adhere to Super Monkey Ball?


If imitation is the sincerest kind of flattery, then BALLYGON is the highest form of praise. If one particular were being to glance at the images on its Steam page, 1 would assume this was a different Super Monkey Ball release – albeit 1 with a robot in its place of a primate.

Though it is genuine that BALLYGON is portion and parcel the exact as SEGA’s banana-amassing title, there are a few wrinkles that make this just one stand out. Gamers will nonetheless be navigating each stage and amassing every thing they arrive across (it is Vitality Orbs this title) as they make their way to the end line. Having said that, one’s general Vitality Orb rely arrives into perform as very well when it will come to having forward and unlocking further bits of content material.

If a single is searching to move forward to the following set of levels, they’ll require to maintain that Vitality Orb depend up to a certain sum. Falling to one’s doom prices gamers a hefty 1,000 orbs, whilst ending at a swift speed can gain gamers a sizable sum. It tends to make for an interesting dynamic that places the onus on rating chasing as opposed to just completing a degree. Of course, one can go on taking part in for supplemental orbs, but it’s up to gamers if they want to go the additional mile – best for the rating chasers between us. It can be cheap at instances, certain, but this addition gives it its possess exclusive flavor.

BALLYGON also can make a amount of accommodations to make certain the labyrinthine working experience is a clean one. For 1, an assist mode can make navigation a breeze for individuals who are simply not applied to this type of enjoy. In addition, there are several perspectives to opt for from at the press of a button – the leading-down view was an absolute godsend on some of the more tricky ranges. Ultimately, one can funds in tokens for a amount of distinctive perks – these contain Mini Method, Mega Method, Quick and Immediate Retry, and other tweaks. Having said that, there is modes that carry the warmth as well – only the most diehard of rollers should really even think about the Invisiball method that will make players invisible.

It’s just a shame that this game is considerably also 1 note for its possess superior. Some of the trickier amounts have players navigating big boulders, mini marbles, platforms strewn all willy-nilly, and a skate park that requirements just the suitable momentum to navigate. Nevertheless, its sound physics have gone to squander with the identical basic aesthetic now in spot listed here. BALLYGON trims the excess fat, but does so at the expenditure of muscle.

BALLYGON’s tribute to SEGA’s Tremendous Monkey Ball may possibly border on plagiarism, but it has obtained the physics and overall motion down to a science. People that never intellect a package missing an aesthetic attraction will love its roly-poly action.

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This critique of BALLYGON was accomplished on the Personal computer. The recreation was obtained digitally.

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Players will be on a roll with Anthony Seeha’s new marble-roller BALLYGON. Much more than 150 small-poly labyrinths await – ought to players get relocating, or need to players adhere to Tremendous Monkey Ball?

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