Half-Life: Alyx – Final Hours, Geoff Keighley’s “multimedia experience” on the making of Valve’s big VR shooter, is now live on Steam. The documentary promises “an unprecedented and unvarnished look at the past decade inside Valve,” including a look at multiple cancelled projects—one of them actually named Half-Life 3—plus concept art from Alyx and interactive features including a “Valve Time” timeline and a headcrab SFX mixer.

The big eye-catcher is that a full-on Half-Life 3 was in development, briefly, between 2013-14. Valve wanted to blend procedural generation with “crafted experience” to make it more replayable, an idea inspired in part by Left 4 Dead. It was ultimately halted, though, because the Source 2 engine it was initially created in wasn’t finished. 

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