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(via LinkedIn) (Image credit: Arnold Hendrick)

Arnold Hendrick, the creator of the 1992 Microprose RPG Darklands, has died. A message posted in a Facebook group for former Microprose employees said that Hendrick’s passing came after a battle with cancer.

Hendrick has credits on multiple games from Microprose’s heyday, including Gunship, Sid Meier’s Pirates!, F19 Stealth Fighter, Silent Service 2, and American Civil War: From Sumter to Appomattox. But Darklands may be his best-known work. It wasn’t a hit, largely because it was wracked with bugs at release, but featured remarkably deep systems and attention to detail, and genuinely unique, “realistic” game world: a mythologized version of the 15th-century Holy Roman Empire, in which the creatures and dangers that people of the era believed were real actually are. 

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