I said yesterday that it would be most excellent if Arkane Studios celebrated its 20th anniversary by announcing that an Arx Fatalis remaster was in the works. Sadly, it is not. But there is good news: For the next few days, the original Arx Fatalis is free.

Arx is Arkane’s first game, released in 2002, and while it’s obviously not as refined as newer stuff like Dishonored or Prey, it’s very much an Arkane joint: The world is big and weird, there’s lots to do, and for the most part you can take it on as you like. The story is a little on the incoherent side, and the ending isn’t great (the final boss fight in particular is just about impossible for stealth-focused characters), but despite those shortcomings it’s one of my favorite dungeon crawlers of all time.

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