How do video games affect your brain? | by hit86game | MediumThere are several activities that we engage in or can engage in daily. However, it is not every activity that we intend to engage in that we end up engaging in. There is the need to be smart enough and discerning to know which activities you should opt for and which you should avoid. This is considering that some activities can have very negative effects on an individual. One of the activities that a lot of people are interested in today is video games. Thus, you might be wondering if video games are really bad for the brain. This article will discuss the pros and cons of video games on the brain.

Pros of video games on the brain
The pros of video games on the brain will be discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

Video games can help in improving the brain
It is believed that generally, we mostly use a very little percentage of our brain. The implication is that we are never able to fully harness the power of our brains that would have given us much higher potentials. It has also been said that the only way we can use more of our brains is by using it regularly and challenging it. Video games are one of the activities that we engage in that can be very challenging. In most cases, it is either we are trying to cross an obstacle or planning strategies to outwit an enemy or win the game. All of these require substantial use of the brain. Thus, the brain will be challenged and it will be able to improve. If you want to start playing video games or you are looking to expand your video games collection, some of the video games platforms you should consider can be found on and

Video games help the brain to improve impulse
One of the things that we would often need in life is to be able to quickly react to things. There are few cases where we might find ourselves in circumstances where we have to choose in less than 5 seconds or the result of not choosing that quick or making the wrong choice could be deadly. There is no place that we are regularly forced to make quick choices, in some cases, in less than a second is in games. Thus, when your brain is already used to making very quick decisions regularly while you are playing games when you find yourself in a situation where you have to make a quick decision, it would not be strange to the brain and you are likely to be able to quickly get the right idea or plan to escape bad situations without a scratch or with the slightest scratch possible.

Video games help the brain to have more information
Another reason why you should play video games is that it can have your brain to have more information. There is a lot of obvious and non-obvious information that your brain can pick up as you are playing games. When you come across a scenario like the one you have come across before in a game or a similar scenario, it will be easier for your brain to quickly remind you of the various steps that you have taken in the fact while it was in a game and which of them was successful. Hence, it will be easier to find your way out of that situation without having to make wild guesses.

Cons of videos games on the brain
The cons of video games on the brain will be discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

Video games could become addictive
Many people are addicted to video games. They spend most of their time, including a huge chunk of those they should have spent doing more productive things on playing video games. The implication is that their academics would suffer if they are students or their jobs would suffer if they are working. Furthermore, some of the money they are supposed to use for more important things like paying school fees, feeding, or buying books, they might spend it on upgrading their game system and later get stranded.

Video games could encourage gambling
Many people have lost money because they love video games and at some point started gambling with friends and acquaintances. Two players could gamble and the person who wins takes the money. There are also cases where people gamble on others who are playing. By the time a person continues to lose money and continue to gamble, it could pose doom to the future of that individual.