July 22, 2024


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Are gaming forums dying? | JoyFreak


Of all the forums that I know still exist that I’ve registered on, they are all pretty much dead. Whether that’s forums aimed at covering video games, or some other subject. It doesn’t matter what the forum is about. Because I know I can post a thread, go back within hours or even days to that website, and it’s normally the case that nobody has responded.

Even when people do reply, sometimes the post they submit is so generic or badly written, that it’s just like, meh. Give them an A for effort, I suppose. ;)

About the only really active gaming forum I know of, is GameFAQs. And that is sad. I’ve used GameFAQs with different profiles before. But I told myself after I closed my last account there, that that was it. The users there are no good for having a civilized discussion with. If you just “speak the truth” about something, they think you’re whining.

It’s sad to see that forums covering video games are dead now. These days, you basically have to go on people’s YouTube videos or engage on live streams to engage with your fellow fans.

Facebook and Twitter sucks as well. It often feels like you’re just adding “friends” you may or may not see any more, and then having them unfriend you afterwards, one at a time, because they’re either shallow or they terminated their membership. Plus, I think people use these social media sites merely as some sort of outlet to show off how cool something is they’ve partook in, but it’s not the same as having some in real life reaction.

I don’t really use YouTube any more, due to certain wankers monitoring me. It seems whenever I closed one channel and made another one a few weeks later, these sad idiots would soon discover me again and then make videos basically saying, “He’s back, guys. Go bug him”.

To be honest, I may stop contributing to the Horror Film Wiki now too. I’ve had too many visitations from a particular Kiwi screwball, using female identities, and who enjoys editing every page that I do, as if it’s a game of tag. Plus, it’s dead anyway. Who needs niche wikis for finding information anyway? :(

To be honest, I think they have a personality disorder. You can find them lining up at the local job center every Friday morning, their noses buried in their smartphone, while trying to be smart. AKA, get a job. Get laid. Get a life.



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