Electronic Arts confirmed today that the next entrant in the Apex Legends battle royale will be Loba Andrade, the little girl who became an orphan when the psycho murderbot did his thing in January’s Season 4 launch trailer. She’s since grown up to become an extremely successful thief, but she never got over the death of her parents, and with their killer—the relentless murderbot Revenant—now resurfaced in the Apex games, it looks like Loba is going to make her move for revenge.

“Make her move for revenge” in this case meaning that she’ll be a new playable character in the next season of Apex Legends. Details on the character haven’t been revealed, but dataminers have dug up quite a bit, including her “Burglar’s Best Friend” ability to throw a disc of some sort and then teleport to it, a talent the trailer seems to hint at. (Though Respawn has previously planted misleading data to throw off miners.) The wiki also list abilities that enable her to detect and steal “nearby loot,” which would seem a good fit for the character.

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