Last week, Electronic Arts kicked off Apex Legends event The Old Ways, featuring a Bloodhound Town Takeover, exclusive rewards, and a number of direct-purchase cosmetics. At the same time, it rolled out a map rotation, enabling players to select either Kings Canyon or World’s Edge for Duos or Trios play. 

But it seems that not everyone was happy with how that rotation was working out, because today it announced that Nighttime Kings Canyon has been removed from the rotation, while the standard Kings Canyon rotation timer—the length of time the map is up for play before it moves on to the next one—has been shortened. Previously, maps were playable for about an hour before switching, although according to some comments on Reddit, that time could vary; EA didn’t say what the times have been changed to, but the net result is that players will have more time on the World’s Edge map, where The Old Ways event is set.

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