AMD likes to flex the longevity of its AM4 socket from time to time, though it sometimes comes with caveats. The latest example of this came less than two weeks ago, when AMD confirmed its next-generation Zen 3 CPUs will slot into socket AM4 motherboards, but will only be compatible with 500 series mobos (X570 and B550). That meant your swanky X470 motherboard will not support the next round of AMD processors. Or at least that was the case. Now AMD is saying it has “decided to change course” with regards to supporting Zen 3 on X470 and B450 motherboards.

How did this come about? Well, AMD chalked up its initial decision to leave X470 and B450 (and earlier) motherboards behind because the BIOS chips simply are not fat enough to fit the necessary microcode to support yet another round of processors.

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