Counting only AMD’s mainstream desktop CPU family, buyers have eight different Zen 2 models to choose from, spanning the 4-core/8-thread Ryzen 3 3100 all the way up to the 16-core/32-thread Ryzen 9 3950X. Now evidence is mounting that even more Zen 2 CPUs are coming, in what could be a short-term refresh while we wait for AMD’s Zen 3 to knock our socks off.

Intel has just launched its new Comet Lake CPUs for the desktop, and rumors point to two new AMD Zen 2 models being unveiled next month. As spotted by Videocardz, there are two bits of evidence pointing to a Zen 2 refresh. The seemingly less reliable of the two is a Twitter post from a user who claims to have obtained their information from a source within AMD.

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