Michael Frazzini has announced that he’s retiring from Amazon, with April 29 being his last day on the company. He made the announcement on LinkedIn, saying that he will be taking time to spend with his family before moving on to whatever’s next.

Frazzini said in his message, “While there’s never really a perfect time to step away from a great role, now is a good time. We’ve launched two top 10 games in the past six months, and have a growing portfolio of promising new games in the pipeline. Prime Gaming is on a strong trajectory, providing more and more great content to players worldwide who are members of Amazon Prime. And we have some newer initiatives that are gaining real traction. Plus importantly, each of these teams are led by excellent leaders. The future is very bright for Amazon Games.”

Frazzini has served as the head of Amazon Games for over seven years, and has been at Amazon for nearly 18.

Amazon Games currently has two ongoing MMORPGs to maintain with Lost Ark and New World. In May last year, it was announced that the company had opened a new studio in Montreal, which is working on a new IP led by creative director Xavier Marquis, who previously served the same role at Ubisoft on Rainbow Six Siege. Read more on that through here.


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