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All Monster Hunter Games, Ranked

The Monster Hunter series has founded by itself as a single of the most preferred video game franchises. It grew its audience by releasing games for a variety of platforms by the many years, commencing with the release of Monster Hunter in 2004 for PS2. The franchise has attained some amazing feats in its nearly two many years of existence.

Very last March, Monster Hunter stated a massive accomplishment of offering over 80 million copies throughout the world from all of its game titles. It is now regarded as Capcom’s second most effective-advertising franchise, at the rear of Resident Evil.

The franchise contains motion RPG titles, which allow the gamers take the mantle of a Hunter who slays monsters of all dimensions throughout the various parts launched in each and every video game. Nevertheless what would make slaying extra enjoyable are the quests gamers could entire alongside the way, spicing up the Monster Hunter experience. The loot rewards also deliver an incentive for players to total side quests, giving them various merchandise, weapons, and methods that players can use to improve their people even more.

Monster Hunter’s legacy is crammed with great and great game titles, but some did far better than many others. Our checklist under ranks the online games based on the gameplay, attributes, and total impact on the series and community.

10) Monster Hunter/G/Freedom

Image by using Capcom

Position tenth on our record is the primary match that begun the franchise, Monster Hunter. The classic Monster Hunter game was unveiled in 2004 for PS2, and its improved variations, Monster Hunter G in Japan (PS2 and Wii) and Monster Hunter Freedom for PSP, were produced in 2005. These OG video games paved the way for the pursuing games in the collection, sparking the cult following that Monster Hunter is regarded for. 

All these variations of the OG Monster Hunter released the signature RPG set up of the series, such as the monster-slaying quests and its loot method. While for the duration of its release, supporters had been however not engaged with the match compared to the newer Monster Hunter titles since several specialized challenges plagued it. The challenges, together with its unique idea and lack of a leveling system, kept the game from heading mainstream nevertheless, it established its specialized niche next.

9) Monster Hunter Tales 2: Wings of Spoil

Picture by using Capcom

The sequel to the first spinoff Monster Hunter Stories sport, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Spoil, was just introduced very last 12 months for Swap and Pc. Below, the player usually takes on the job of a rider tasked with guarding the Rathalos egg. Nevertheless its aesthetic differs from the mainline Monster Hunter video games, the encounter it brings to the desk is extremely natural and organic.

Wings of Ruin introduces the monsters in a much more vibrant way. Just like its predecessor, it presents a additional cartoonish/anime-design characterization, making Monster Hunter much more vivid than ever. This January, Capcom verified that the activity had already shipped 1.4 million models globally, proving that a franchise spinoff can also be this major.

8) Monster Hunter Tri/ 3 Final

Picture through Capcom

The 3rd mainline match in the Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter Tri and its increased edition, Monster Hunter 3 Top, introduced some of the most significant adjustments to the sequence. These impacted the franchise’s course, in particular with the map where by gamers hunt monsters not integrated in the primary quests.

But Monster Hunter Tri also introduced the underwater video game environments and quests. Capcom did not carry this part to the next video games owing to the fans’ and critics’ underappreciation of the function. Even so, the video game was effective, in particular commercially. Monster Hunter Tri grew to become the franchise’s initial game to launch on Nintendo consoles.

7) Monster Hunter Tales

Graphic by using Capcom

Monster Hunter Tales has a distinctive intention than the usual Monster Hunter online games in the franchise. Alternatively of being a Monster Hunter, you assume the title of Rider. Riders do not hunt and eliminate monsters they befriend them. This knowledge might be a little bit uncommon compared to the other mainline video games, but this also would make Monster Hunter Stories pleasurable.

Players are provided eggs that they require to guard and treatment for. The encounter Monster Hunter Tales can give is close to Pokémon, in particular with its flip-primarily based combat procedure. It is fairly refreshing specially for avid Monster Hunter fans who have been deeply engaged with the searching and slashing gameplay being retained through the several years.

6) Monster Hunter 2/Freedom 2/Independence Unite

Impression via Capcom

Monster Hunter 2 is previously good on its individual. It included 24 new monsters to what was readily available in the original Monster Hunter video game, as perfectly as the character development feature. But its enhanced version, Monster Hunter Independence 2, and its growth, Monster Hunter Independence Unite, were one thing else.

Liberty 2 and Flexibility Unite could be viewed as the online games that manufactured the franchise far more preferred than ever. The video games provided enhanced visuals, graphics, new weapons, and monsters. They were also for a longer time, especially with Freedom Unite, which consists of around 500 hours of explorations and quests. The latter was recognised to debut the G-Rank (now Master Rank) quests which challenged players mainly because of their issues.

5) Monster Hunter Generations/Generations Ultimate

Graphic through Capcom

Introduced in 2016 and its improved edition in 2018, Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter Generations Final could be viewed as spinoff video games due to the fact of the adjustments and new additions they released in the Monster Hunter gameplay. One noteworthy characteristic was the ability to go back to the earlier hubs and battle old monsters from the more mature Monster Hunter game titles.

Generations and Generations Best also authorized gamers to test actively playing as Felynes, who is acknowledged as the primary companion of the Hunters in the games. Many Hunter Models and Hunter Arts also debuted in each online games, making the players’ practical experience additional refreshing than at any time.

4) Monster Hunter 4/4 Best

Picture by way of Capcom

Monster Hunter 4 turned unique for gamers dwelling in Japan. Its enhanced model, Monster Hunter 4 Top, was the just one that created an global release. Nevertheless both of those online games proved to be deserving of their location on our listing, specially the latter, which the group thought of the finest sport in the sequence when it was launched.

One particular of the components that Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate introduced, particularly the smoothness of the total visuals and gameplay, was praised by enthusiasts and critics. Players can explore with much lesser lags, environments turn into extra accessible and interesting, and the quicker speed will make the whole knowledge of the two video games much more engaging when compared to the older Monster Hunter game titles. The famous Insect Glaive weapon also debuted in this article.

3) Monster Hunter Globe: Iceborne

Graphic by means of Capcom

Monster Hunter World is so good that its DLC enlargement, Iceborne,could be thought of a standalone recreation, and has been named just one of the very best online games in the Monster Hunter sequence. This DLC introduced the snow-lined Hoarfrost Reach (Region), which has because become 1 of the most iconic environments in Monster Hunter.

Iceborne nearly had every little thing you can locate in Monster Hunter Earth. The way the recreation released a a lot more in-depth ecosystem, as very well as more indicators that can support players hunt. These attributes include things like the footprints of monsters, which you can comply with. Although the first sport lacked a bit in conditions of the range of monsters offered, the DLC produced up for that and debuted a handful of those people for gamers to hunt.

2) Monster Hunter: Rise

Image by using Capcom

The newest entry to the Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter: Increase, is a Switch special that will make the console additional prestigious. Why? Properly, the match is 1 of the most effective in the franchise, so taking part in it can be regarded as an honor.

Monster Hunter: Increase gives the swiftest searching pacing out of all the Monster Hunter online games so considerably. It will save gamers time to do other important items, this sort of as accumulating methods. Other things that lead to the game’s open-earth natural environment also make the gaming working experience Monster Hunter: Rise can supply more partaking than ever, such as the function to journey on the canine animal Palamute, as properly as the wirebug equipment that can enable gamers take a look at the map vertically.

1)  Monster Hunter: Planet

Image via Capcom

Its identify states it all. Monster Hunter: Globe may possibly absolutely have the world of Monster Hunter, and it is the selection a single video game on our list.

Monster Hunter: Globe bridged the typical Monster Hunter flavor and the more recent and additional state-of-the-art sport integrations that can be supplied these days, making it an amazing masterpiece. Its sound game environments, the stop of the “loading zones,” and the solution to do a multiplayer quest are all instrumental in furnishing a recreation practical experience like no other.

Monster Hunter: Environment served as the spark to bring the Monster Hunter franchise to the place it is these days. It also proved that it’s not generally the classics, and new game iterations in a extensive-recognized franchise can be regarded as the most effective. Monster Hunter: World has without doubt acquired its title as the biggest Monster Hunter recreation of all time.