The US Army’s adventure on Twitch may have more trouble ahead, as Vice reports that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez intends to file an amendment to the newest House Appropriations bill that will prevent all branches of the military from using funds to “maintain a presence on or any videogame, esports, or livestreaming platform.”

The Army’s troubles began earlier this month when viewers on its esports team’s Twitch channel started asking streamers—all of them members of the Army—about war crimes. Shortly after that it came to light that a promotional giveaway on the Army’s channel, purportedly for a high-end wireless controller, actually led to a recruiting form. Then earlier this week, Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute said that the Army may have violated the US Constitution by deleting those awkward questions about war crimes and banning users who persisted in asking them, in contravention of the First Amendment.

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