In late 2019, publisher Take-Two Interactive delayed the release of Kerbal Space Program 2 until sometime during its 2021 fiscal year—between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021. Then in February 2020, it made the surprise announcement that development of the game had been moved from Star Theory Games to a new studio founded by its Private Division publishing label, led by “key members” of the Kerbal 2 team from Star Theory.

A reason for the change was never provided, but a new report by Bloomberg might shed some light on the matter. It claims that Star Theory founders Bob Berry and Jonathan Mavor had been in talks with Take-Two about selling the studio, but weren’t able to reach terms. And then, on December 6, Take-Two suddenly pulled the contract from Star Theory and sent a message to its employees via LinkedIn, encouraging them to apply for jobs at a new studio being founded under 2K’s Private Division publishing label.

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