So you’ve got one of the best gaming chairs, have you? Does it play soothing music and massage you while you game? Thought not. Though it probably also doesn’t cost $999 either… Still, Acer’s got you covered if you deem relieving your aching shoulders priceless, as from July you’ll be able to pick up the new Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM. At the moment, however, it’s looking like it’s a North America-only product, so some of us are going to have to stick with finding someone else to rub us down after a hard gaming session. 

Maybe it’s down to the OSIM co-branding, but the latest Predator chair doesn’t have much of the racing seat aesthetic Acer’s previous chairs have sported, which is certainly no bad thing. It is rocking the angular design of its Thronos forebear, however. That was the Batcave-looking beast that allowed you to mount three screens on an overhead boom. It was definitely a chair for the lonely millionaire anyways.

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