Quietly buried in an investor relations note, Frontier Developments has announced that it has acquired the license to develop a real-time strategy game based on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar setting from Games Workshop. Age of Sigmar is the current fantasy tabletop miniatures game from Games Workshop, having supplanted Warhammer Fantasy Battles in 2015, with a second edition in 2018, and is one of the most popular miniatures games in the world. Frontier has exclusive rights to develop and publish an RTS for both PC and consoles based on Age of Sigmar, and plans to release a game in fiscal year 2023, that is, the business year ending May 31, 2023. So, that’s a ways away then.

Frontier Developments CEO David Braben was excited, per the release. “We are delighted to announce this licence with Games Workshop,” he said. “I personally think it’s great news that two such well-established and world-class creative UK companies with global reach are  collaborating on a new project.”

(Image credit: Games Workshop PLC)

Games Workshop previously licensed Age of Sigmar predecessor Warhammer Fantasy Battles to UK-based Creative Assembly for the Total War: Warhammer games, which have seen a lot of success. Enough, in fact, that it seems like that setting will come back to the tabletop eventually.

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