The Humble Bundles continue to come at us fast and furious: A new collection rolled out today is an assemblage of offbeat indie releases from publisher Raw Fury. For a buck, which you can probably find under any nearby cushion, you’ll get Kathy Rain, which we called “one of the best classic adventures of 2016,” the intense demon-slaughter twin-stick shooter Tormentor X Punisher, and Gonner Blueberry Edition, a side-scrolling shooter about a drop of water and his whale friend Sally, updated with new content.

Beat the average price and you’ll also snag Whispers of a Machine, a point-and-click adventure that I enjoyed quite a lot, the minimalist management game Kingdom, and the “expanded and much improved-on version” Kingdom: New Lands. Move up a tier to get Krillbyte’s visually arresting daily grind simulator Mosaic, the taxi driving noir mystery Night Call, and the Viking-themed strategy game Bad North: Jotunn Edition. And finally, at the top tier you can wrap things up with Kingdom: Two Crowns, “a side-scrolling micro strategy game” that really quite good.

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