Ziggurat Interactive announced itself in early March as a new publisher that would focus primarily on bringing “classic console and PC games from the ’80s, ’90s, and beyond” to modern platforms, including not just remasters but also “new full-fledged sequels and entirely new original games.” The company said that it had already signed deals for more than 140 games from several publishers, and had updates of three games already in the works: Forbidden Forest from 1983, Super Huey from 1985, and the 2001 squad-based shooter Deadly Dozen.

Today Ziggurat revealed a half-dozen more games that it’s re-releasing in conjunction with GOG:

  • Elite Warriors: Vietnam – A squad-based shooter released in 2005 by nFusion Interactive based on MACV-SOG operations in the Vietnam War
  • Line of Sight: Vietnam – Released in 2003, also by nFusion, players will work through 12 missions as a US Army Special Forces sniper in Vietnam
  • Darklands – A “realistic” medieval party-based RPG, published by Microprose in 1992
  • Slave Zero – From 1999, an action-game tale of rebellion against the far future SovKhan overlord
  • NAM – A genetically-engineered supersoldier tries to single-handedly win the Vietnam War.
  • Fields of Glory – A 1993 RTS from Microprose depicting Napoleon’s Waterloo campaign

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