Yakuza: Like a Dragon came out in Japan in January, but we’re still waiting for it—impatiently—to make it over to the West in English. I’m not sure if this gameplay video from IGN’s Summer Gaming Expo makes it easier or harder, but it is at least full of very good Yakuza tidbits.

Here are some things about Yakuza: Like a Dragon you probably don’t know, unless you’ve been closely following reactions to the Japanese release.

  • The game’s turn-based JRPG combat, which includes a job system, all takes place in the protagonist’s head. He’s imagining real fights as these absurd encounters full of special moves.
  • You can level up bonds between characters, called “drink links,” and with higher bonds they’ll do follow-up attacks for you in combat.
  • There are 19 jobs, each with their own unique outfits.
  • The new setting, Yokohama, is substantially larger than past Yakuza game areas. It’s divided into nine districts, each with their own vibes and threat levels which affect how hard combat will be.
  • One of your party members carries a guitar and attacks by pulling a CD out of his vest and throwing it. It does more damage if you tap a button at the right moment (think Paper Mario).
  • There’s a significant business management mode where you take over a “failing confectionery company” and turn it into a “great holdings company.” That process will apparently include some “epic shareholder battles.”
  • Dragon Kart and Can Quest are racing minigames. In Can Quest, you pick up cans in a rickshaw and try to outcollect other can collectors. 

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