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5 Saint Seiya: Awakening Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Saint Seiya : Awakening (Eng Subtitle)Saint Seiya : Awakening is a mobile game masterpiece which perfectly restoring the classic of the Japanese comics. 12 Golden Saints and all classic characters are back to the Sanctuary and waiting for your summon. Freely set up an exclusive team, flexible match strategy to win! Breakthrough the common gameplay and bring you an enjoyable…2019-05-13T04:34:00Z

When it comes to classic anime, Saint Seiya immediately comes to mind.

The 12 Golden Saints are still relevant to this day and have finally gotten their own collectible card game on mobile devices. Saint Seiya: Awakening follows the legendary Knights of the Zodiac as they clash with familiar foes and befriend a host of powerful allies. You’ll be entrusted with guiding their journey across a multitude of story-based missions, dungeon raids and battles that test the strength of your friendship with them all. This tips guide will surely aid you during your Saint Seiya-powered adventure!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Saint Seiya: Awakening:

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1. Construct Team Lineups That Have Numerous “Links” in Tow and Always “Rebirth” Your Strongest Warriors with C-Class Characters

Saint Seiya Awakening


• As you progress through the game and increase your player level, you’ll unlock the option to create a full party of six different party members. What makes this deal even sweeter is the fact that you can produce four different party lineups for battle. Always keep each character’s collection of Link-based abilities and stat boosts in mind when you’re putting together a new party. Each of the four warrior setups you put together should have at least four or more characters who’re capable of activating one or more links.

• Acquiring new warriors regularly occurs as you complete the game’s main story and side story missions. You can also get your hands on new party members by using the “Summon” option. Whenever you have a few “Common Gems” on hand, put them towards the Normal summon option. You should always use this character summon option to acquire a few C-ranked characters. C-ranked characters are best used towards rebirthing your higher letter-ranked fighters. Be sure to put your “Saint EXP Potions” towards your best party members and newly unlocked characters that have just joined your stable to push them closer towards rebirthing.

2. Manual vs. Auto Battling

Saint Seiya Awakening


• Whenever you hop into a battle, you can choose to approach it by engaging in traditional turn-based combat or allowing the AI to do all the work for you. In most instances, increasing the battle speed to its max and turning on the auto-battle option is the best way to go – if you have a strong party and want to wipe out the opposition in a flash, this method works best.

• Whenever you find yourself up against a more formidable set of foes, however, rely on your own battle instincts. The AI doesn’t usually take advantage of link-based attacks, which are extremely useful and can get you out of a bad situation. Choosing them manually and utilizing them during tougher skirmishes is the way to go sometimes, especially if the auto-battle option failed you the first time you tried to complete a hard battle encounter. Some battle types use the auto-battle option by default, so just let the AI work its magic with your best party in that case.

3. Follow the Quest Structure to Make the Most Progress, Keep a Close Eye on the “Novice Welfare” Tab and Throw Yourself into PvP Clashes


• On the right side of your screen, the game will always have a set of important challenges you need to tend to. It’s always best to follow this route since it leads to you unlocking plenty of new characters/rewards just by completing story/side missions and fulfilling assorted achievements. Speaking of achievements, make sure you check out the Novice Welfare tab that’s near the top of the main menu. There’s a huge list of achievements to complete here, which helps you get your hands on plenty of useful items. Be sure to fill the progress meter for this set of challenges before the event time period expires so you can get your hands on a rare and powerful warrior!

• Another method that’ll bless you with all the goodies you need is through the PvP clashes. If you have the stamina left to do so, spend an entire playthrough participating in the many battle types this mode entails. Attaining a whole bunch of victories means you’ll earn new battle rankings in certain PvP modes and get your hands on some of the best items in the game. Add as many friends as you can so you can always count on them to send you hearts – that way, you’ll always have enough energy to farm PvP battles for worthwhile items.

4. Participate in All the Unlocked Activities Within the “Daily” Tab to Nab Tons of Rewards and Also Be Sure to Take Part in “Saint Quests Shard” Activities

Saint Seiya: Awakening《Saint Seiya: Awakening》 is an official mobile game of Saint Seiya, which authorized by Masami Kurumada and developed by Tencent. The game is 100% restored from the original story, all series of Saints with the stunning 3D graphics and also the lineup of Japan’s top voice-actor presenting the best audio-visual effect. Fun at collecting Saints…2019-04-28T07:41:01Z

• Another mode that’ll call for you to spend an entire playthrough with it is the Daily option. Every now and then, spend a whole game session putting your hearts towards completing a bunch of the battles that you’ve unlocked here. Once you’ve reached player level 31, you’ll have a ton of battle options to choose from. By beating a majority of these modes, you’ll walk away with tons of XP, diamonds, gold and a host of other useful items. Your continued efforts will certainly lead to you fulfilling daily-based achievements, which earns you even more goodies and the points you need to gain other rewards by filling the current activity meter.

• As you earn more of the game’s iconic Saints, you unlock the option to complete personal quests for each one within the Saint Quest Shards campaign battles. Just take a trip to the campaign tab every now and then to see which Saints have playable battles available for you to beat. And every time you log into the game, don’t leave without interacting with each unlocked Saint three times – doing so helps you earn even more rewards just by answering a few trivia questions or simply having a conversation!

5. Spend an Entire Daily Playthrough Playing Through “Dimension Awaken” or “Epic Ruins” Battles

Saint Seiya Awakening


• If you’re in the mood to do some item and XP farming, put all your efforts towards completing Dimension Awaken or Epic Ruins battles. You can spend a whole daily gameplay session climbing up the floors for either battle challenge with other players and getting some of the best item drops in the game.

• Make sure you head into the “Mall” so you can purchase the items that boost the rewards payout you get by completing either battle type. The “Epic Ruins Buff” item is a good example of what we’re talking about here. As a matter of fact, come to the Mall every day so you make good use of the game’s various currencies and purchase the daily item offerings within each “Items” tab.

Extra Tip – check out the video tutorial posted below to learn about the best way to summon S Gold Saints for your roster!

Summoning S Gold Saints in Saint Seiya AwakeningHere’s a quick video summong Gold Saints using the lucky technique. Lucky Constellation Coordinates:

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