The team-based tactical shooter Nine to Five was announced at The Game Awards last year by Redhill Games, a studio launched in late 2018 by former Remedy Entertainment CEO Matias Myllyrinne. It promised to prioritize teamwork over twitch reflexes: Myllyrinne said that the game will challenge players “with creative new mechanics to bring back that classic feeling of playing with friends, finding your role, and working together to outplay the competition.”

Today the studio revealed a little bit about how it plans to go about making that happen with a new gameplay trailer that also signals the upcoming start of a closed alpha test. There’s a clear element of Rainbow Six Siege to the game—you can place barricades, and at one point there’s a reference to motion sensors—but the map in play is much larger and more open, and the objectives seem more varied and deep: In the video, Team Friday has to collect codes in order to hack a vault, then choose an escape route and successfully extract.

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